With Dékor, you simply step on the foot pedal to open the lid and then drop the diaper through the trap door. Your hands never touch the diaper pail, so there’s no need to take both hands off of your baby to bend down to slide a door open, squish or twist the dirty diaper into the pail.

With Dékor, you’re not wasting empty space in regular trash bags or extra liner by individually wrapping each diaper. Our unique continuous liner system gives you the ability to create bags of any size—so you can empty the pail with no waste! Let’s be honest, diapers stink no matter what kind of container you put them in! With Dékor, you can quickly and easily empty your diaper pail more often to keep odours at bay.

Dékor Diaper Pails are made with heavy-duty ABS plastic which is extremely durable, and easy to clean with household cleaners, including bleach. Metal pails can only be cleaned with a dry cloth or they’ll rust. Believe us—you’ll need to clean and sanitize your diaper pail! Unlike other plastic diaper pails that are made of permeable polypropylene, ABS closed-cell plastic won’t absorb odours.

Dékor Diaper Pails feature a hidden childproof lock to lock the trap door when needed, a childproof button to keep the top frame closed and a childproof cutter to cut the refill liners when emptying. These safety features keep dirty diapers away from toddlers with curious little fingers!

Dékor Diaper Pails don’t go out with the trash once you’re finally out of the diaper phase (congratulations, by the way!). Simply pop out the trap door insert, and use it as a trashcan or even for pet waste.