Little Bipsy

Welcome to Little Bipsy!— a hip + modern assortment of baby/toddler apparel for your little styler!
Wondering where we came from? The idea for Little Bipsy was born with the arrival of my son in April of 2015. I quickly became interested in baby brands and styles that were committed to quality and up to date trends. It soon became my dream to leave behind my 12-year career in the dental field and pursue curating an amazing collection of my favourite labels all while staying home with my little guy. Needless to say, I followed my heart and now  — almost two years later here we are!                                              
Somewhere on my journey, I embarked on an endless search for a stylish yet practical pair of High-Tops for my son, which didn’t seem to exist! Disappointed with the lack of available options, the solution seemed simple — I would take a first go at designing and produce my own! My goal was to create something unique, comfortable, and supportive of healthy growth and foot development. After months of research, testing, and retouching, the Little Bipsy High-Top Collection made its debut in January 2017 and quickly sold out in less than two months! Fast forward to today, Little Bipsy has now launched its third design of shoes (Sneaks) and have launched a comfortable, and basic clothing line (Little Bipsy Basics)!

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