Micro-Mobility Switzerland became an early leader of the personal transport revolution in 1999 when Founder Wim Ouboter introduced a foldable, lightweight scooter that was strong enough for adults to ride. The Micro scooter had PU wheels that made it faster and  smoother-gliding than earlier scooters, and a new style of folding mechanism that made it easy for the rider to fold up and carry once they reached their destination (so it was portable!) Micro licensed this scooter to JD Sports who later sold it under the name Razor Scooter.

Since then Micro Kickboard has focused on innovation and quality, with a goal of making scooters incredibly strong yet comfortable to ride and lightweight. With the introduction of the Mini Micro for young children in 2003, the quality was such that children began using them as transport as well as for fun. Today Micro is credited with elevating scooters from toys to transport.