As far back as anyone can remember, when a mom wanted to breastfeed she usually looked around for something nearby to help prop baby into position. Options included:
• bed pillows
• rolled-up towels
• a sofa cushion
• a toddler u-shaped pillow

None of those household items could stay in place for long. Mom needed to shift her arms and readjust the baby’s position often causing the session to end. Mothers learned to stay frozen in place for the duration of the feeding not to risk a pillow slipping — resulting in muscle fatigue, back pain, discomfort and soreness. Or if they did move, well then baby cried and the session had to begin again. Also moms nurse without using any support for up to 15 times a day while holding their babies. This can cause serious muscle fatigue and stress for mom, resulting in less breastfeeding and a frustrated baby too. A majority of mom’s will seek outside support to help them breastfeed successfully. Many moms give up nursing due to difficulties with positioning and latch-on, before they have had a successful experience. This can be devastating for mom and her sense of self. Baby also misses out on so many important health and psychological benefits of bonding with mom in this way. Mom and baby deserve the chance to receive all the benefits from breastfeeding comfortably and at ease. We know all this because that’s exactly why the My Brest Friend nursing pillow had to be created!

Today, My Brest Friend is the choice of millions of moms who breastfeed their babies. And that bachelor, Andrew, well now he is a father of two girls and he, and his wife, Sarah, have nursed and fed their babies using My Brest Friend.