We revolutionized the feeding industry in 2006 when, as the founders of BornFree, we introduced the first BPA-free baby bottles. Now we’re back, having joined forces with a team of pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers to once again shake up the market with the first baby bottle designed to preserve essential breastmilk nutrients.

As parents, we know firsthand the dedication moms put into expressing breastmilk to give their babies the absolute best source of nutrition. However, in attempts to quickly warm the breastmilk for feeding, caregivers often

unknowingly expose breastmilk to nutrient damaging temperatures or leave the breastmilk out at room temperature for too long. A solution was needed- a designated feeding bottle that could be warmed quickly, without destroying those precious nutrients. That’s how nanobébé was born!

Our uniquely designed bottles improve the entire process of feeding breastmilk from a bottle. From pumping through storing and warming, the Nanobebe bottle protects your breast milk and gives baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself. For the Nanobebe team, babies’ health is paramount and it is our goal is to help mom, dad and caregivers adhere to the highest standards of health by keeping babies on breastmilk for as long as possible.

Our vision is to be the first choice for the modern breastfeeding mom. Along with our valuable experience as both parents and veterans of the field, our dedication to babies’ health, guides all of our product development decisions.  From bottle warmers to sterilizers to breastmilk bags, we make products that make safe and healthy feeding a breeze, without compromising on convenience and style. Our sleek and modern ecosystem of health-focused feeding essentials is a game changer for today’s breastfeeding moms, their family and above all… baby.