Nursery Works is a purveyor of cutting-edge juvenile products. Created for the ultra-chic, Nursery Works aims to bring high design to the nursery. Our designers work, whenever possible, in close collaboration with highly skilled American craftspeople to build each piece. Our products are made in low production runs that allow us to employ methods and materials that would be unavailable in typical mass production. Many of our solid wood cribs are bench-made in small local shops in the United States.

Our premium cribs are each exclusively handcrafted and laser-etched with a unique limited edition number. We take pride in presenting new materials to the children's industry that raise the bar in design,quality, and functionality for parents and babies around the world. With each product, Nursery Works strives to explore new materials and processes, including non-toxic, recyclable acrylic, CNC-milled maple, 24K gold-plated aluminum, custom marble/granite and powder-coated stainless steel.