Oemi Baby



Some companies are founded on great inventions or sudden waves of creative inspiration. Oemi Baby was the product of play time in our parents’ basement as kids. We didn’t know it then, but as sisters pretending to run a posh fashion store for hours on end, we learned early on that we both loved design and the thought of running a business together.

Years passed and we followed different career paths, but we never gave up on that dream. It wasn’t until we had children of our own that we were swept over by our own wave of inspiration. After lugging around more than our fair share of impractical and unattractive diaper bags, we realized that most baby accessories simply didn’t meet the needs of parents interested in both form and function. We were tired of being asked to sacrifice our sense of fashion and style in the name of so-called practicality. We wanted more from the over-priced and under-performing products we bought—and so did other parents.