This is us, the family behind Simply Merino. We run and manage our small business out of our home in Victoria, BC Canada. We feel incredibly lucky to live in a city that enables us to manufacture our products just a few minutes away from our house.  Our local community is important to us, thus our clothing tags, elastic, thread, and shipping boxes are all either purchased or made locally.  

Our range is very simple, we want the natural qualities of the Merino wool to speak for themselves.  We thoughtfully design each product to be an essential part of any wardrobe. Our mission is to produce well made, beautiful, and functional garments made only from 100% Pure Merino wool. Why Merino wool? 

We are fully aware that the fashion industry is incredibly impactful on the environment, and that consumerism is an extreme problem. We want our customers to buy less, and only quality products.  We are learning everyday on how to be a more sustainable company, and we are working hard to limit our environmental footprint.  After learning first hand about all the fabric waste in the apparel business, we decided to keep ALL of our scraps. We are very excited to continue to design new products using our leftover wool. We are working very hard to become a waste-free company, using no plastics for our packaging and keeping all of our fabric from the landfill. 

We want our customers to feel good about the planet and their family when purchasing Simply Merino products.