Boon Serve Spoon Set 3 PK


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Let's talk weaning. As in, weaning you off feeding spoons that aren't nearly this awesome. Check out the awesome features of the Boon Serve Spoon Set: a thin handle for easy baby food jar navigation, a handy pencil grip that's flat on one side so it can't roll away, and...wait for it...a design that elevates the spoon tip so you're never left with a pureed banana puddle on the table. Heck, forget the weaning. Just go cold turkey.


  • soft, silicone spoon tip is gentle on babies' gums
  • comfort grip handle for parents
  • handle designed to elevate spoon tip off table surface
  • perfect size for tiny mouths


  • wash thoroughly before initial use and after each use
  • dishwasher safe
  • DO NOT microwave
  • may be boiled or sterilized

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