Five + Pines Eco Cleansing Wipes 3 Pack

$8.99 $12.99

Psst.. this is not just your ordinary cloth. The Five + Pines Eco Cleansing Wipes can be used for just about anything including removing makeup, cleaning eyewear, dishes or just leave in your purse for those on the go spills!

It's not easy to make cleaning look this good, but we do. These grippy little 6" by 6" rockstars are your new arsenal against life's grimy responsibilities. Tough enough to handle whatever and bold enough to live in the sink for a while without succumbing to stink. 


  • includes 3 eco cleansing cloths
  • ideal for use as make-up or eye wear wipes
  • available in 3 neutral solid colours
  • measures 6" x 6"

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