Hue Dough Natural Sensory Dough Bundle - Midi


A natural sensory dough that's soft + natural + made with essential oils. Let's change how playdough is used in the family home with this natural art material. #HueDoughYou and add a touch of imagination!

This natural sensory dough is wonderful for open-ended play + imagination + natural play + fine motor skills  + sensory development. You'll even find it's great for adults to de-stress and unwind.


  • the midi bundle (foundation) contains 4 x 5 oz jars of dough in 4 different scents/colours: natural (non-scented), citrine (peppermint + citrus), lavender and spruce (tea tree + pine)
  • Hue Dough is a natural art material crafted and perfected to bring safe + non toxic natural play into the family home
  • we only use high quality baking ingredients + natural colourants + quality essential oils; caution: original recipe contains WHEAT
  • Hue Dough is created in a nut free facility; and while all the ingredients are nut free, including our gluten free sensory dough option, we are currently doing our due diligence to make sure there are no small residue traces
  • store in a temperature regulated area such as a cupboard or shelf away from a window; with consistent play and good housekeeping, Hue Dough should last 6-12 months
  • always place your children's sensory dough back into the jar provided after use; if you find it has dried out a bit, work in your hands with a tiny amount of canola oil
  • cleaning your play surface before use will minimize bacterial growth
  • a play mat is always useful to keep hues from transferring to precious surfaces

usage and safety:

  • allergens listed above for our natural art material
  • Hue Dough is meant for ages 3+ with adult supervision; because of its malleable nature, this children's sensory dough is considered a choking hazard -please watch your children at all times
  • Hue Dough is packaged in PET plastic containers for less breakage and tears
  • #HueDoughYou just don't eat me: while I'm a natural art material and made of natural ingredients, I probably don't taste good and would make the tummy upset in large amounts; Hue Dough is considered a toy, and as such adult supervision is required
  • keep out of reach of pets, as the high salt content could be dangerous