Leander Matty Changing Mat - Dusty Grey


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Did you know that when you have a child, you’re changing diapers 6-10 times a day? That adds up to several thousand diaper changes by the time your child is three! A good changing space with all you need is worth looking at to make your pit stops a real pleasure for baby and for you.

When having a baby, a changing mat is practically indispensable! A changing mat helps you to change diapers in a safe, comfortable and hygienic manner. The Leander Matty Changer is a soft cushion mat that can be placed directly on the changing table or on the floor - precisely where you need it!

The Matty Changing Mat is a revolutionary changer mat that provides total safety and ease when changing your child. It is made from the softest PUR foam - a material that is extremely close to the feeling of bare skin. The changing mat can be cleaned using a textile cloth with a little water and mild soap or alcohol, and is free of endocrine disruptors. And also, it is impossible to wear down. It is a clean, soft and safe changing mat that can be used by all your children over the course of many years. The changing mat also has a firm back with a laminated wooden board which provides added stability, so you can easily place it on a dresser, for example.


  • easy to clean (even with alcohol!)
  • all in one changing space also works well as a playmat
  • waterproof surface
  • made from molded PUR foam, which is soft and comfortable and safe
  • high sides hinder your baby from rolling off the mat
  • German Design Award winner 2019
  • 2 year warranty
  • made in Denmark
  • dimensions (cm): 11 H x 70 L x 50 W

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