Matraea Organic Toning Raspberry Leaf Tea


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The Matraea Organic Toning Raspberry Leaf Tea is considered the universal women’s herb and is traditionally used in the childbearing year. Women will often drink 2-3 cups per day in the third trimester as a means to help strengthen and tone the uterus in preparation for birth.


  • expertly formulated by midwives
  • effective at toning the uterus in the third trimester in preparation for birth, as well as post-partum
  • designed for use in the third trimester only - not for use in the first trimester and use only under the direction of your care provider in the second trimester
  • drink 1-3 cups daily
  • 35 g container / 25 servings per tin
  • made in BC


Red Raspberry Leaf/Feuilles de Framboise (Rubus idaeus)*

*Organic Ingredients