Nook LilyPad Playmat


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Ideal for tummy time and play time, the Nook LilyPad provides breathable comfort for babies, toddlers and their parents. Use indoors as a playmat or folded up and take it with you for a comfortable, convenient, and healthy rest time anywhere you are.

The patented asymmetrical surface pattern facilitates airflow across and through the playmat. Natural eucalyptus regulates temperature to help prevent infants from overheating, and replaces harmful plastics and synthetic agents to eliminate off-gassing and help create a healthier sleep environment. Eucalyptus fibres mimic the texture of silk while offering moisture-wicking properties that draw dampness away from infants' skin. In addition, zinc-infused eucalyptus fibres are microbe resistant providing natural protection against bacteria, fungi, mites and odour.

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40" diameter 
weight - 6 lbs

playmat - eucalyptus, organic cotton, PETE
cover - eucalyptus (breathable fibres), organic cotton, Zinc (naturally antibacterial)

care instructions:
machine wash cold with mild detergent and air dry