Prince Lionheart Babyproofing Safety Kit 38 PC

Ensure the safety of the youngest family members with the Prince Lionheart Babyproofing Safety Kit. This comprehensive set includes 38 pieces, including 18 outlet covers to reduce the risk of dangerous electrical shock, and the covers are removed easily with six included removal keys. A variety of latches helps provide a reliable measure of security for various doors and cabinets. Round out your safety setup with two doorknob covers designed to keep your little one in or out of certain rooms as well as four corner guards that are designed to cut down on painful impacts during energetic play.


  • install the 18 outlet covers to protect your children from the danger of electrical shock
  • easily remove outlet covers with six removal keys
  • 10 spring-loaded door and cabinet latches provide secure closure when flipped up and allow easy access when flipped down
  • two adjustable cabinet latches and multipurpose latches ensure additional safety
  • utilize the two doorknob covers to prevent access to or exit from certain rooms
  • cover sharp corners with the four corner guards to reduce the likelihood of injury
  • confirmed by a third-party testing facility to conform to ASTM safety regulations
  • all components are easy to install
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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