Shadez Blue Light Protective Glasses

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Shadez Blue Light Protective Glasses have a special ophthalmic protective coating on the lens which is designed to reflect and limit blue light penetration. Sources of harmful blue light include all digital screens such as computers, tablets, smart phones, TV’s, and fluorescent lighting/LED light. Exposure to harmful blue light can result in disrupted sleep patterns, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, and eye damage leading to vision deterioration.

  • reflect and cut harmful blue light penetration
  • ideal for indoor use in low light conditions or at night
  • clinically proven to reduce eye fatigue, dry or watery eyes, and blurred vision
  • help limit eye strain which can lead to vision deterioration

sizing: available in 3 different sizes

  • Junior (3-7 YRS)
  • Teeny (7-16 YRS)
  • Adult (16 YRS+)

colour: black

*This item is a final sale. Don't see what you're looking for online? Please note that product availability will vary by store location, so don't hesitate to give us a call for up to date in-store availability.*

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