Simply Merino Reusable Nursing/Multipurpose Pads


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Super soft triple layered Merino wool reusable nursing/multipurpose pads. The Simply Merino company is working hard to be close to 100% waste-free, and therefore have designed these little beauties form our scraps.
Due to the natural oil lanolin found in Merino wool, we originally designed these pads to be used for nursing. As all mamas know, lanolin is used to soothe dry and cracked nipples. Merino wool also wicks away moisture from the skin, which then keeps breast warm and not wet. Warm breasts are said to reduce the risk of blocked milk ducts, which can be incredibly painful. All the more reasons to choose Merino wool.
  • 100% New Zealand Merino Wool
  • machine washable
  • 2 Sets (4 pads)