Tegu Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks 14 Pc Set


Create colourful structures with this beautiful 14 piece set of Tegu Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks. Tinted in bright colours and featuring magnets hidden safely inside, Tegu is ready to inspire creative designs and lots of fun for young builders!

14 piece set in 5 different shapes:
4 x long planks
2 x medium columns
2 x small trapezoids
4 x short planks
2 x cubes

each individual block measures approximately:
short plank 2.4" tall x 1.2" long x 0.3" wide

long plank 4.7" tall x 1.2" long x 0.3" wide
medium column 1.2" wide x 1.2" long x 3.5" tall
small trapezoid is 1.2" wide x 1.2" long x 3.5" tall
cube 1.2" wide x 1.2" tall x 1.2" long


  • eco-friendly, FSC-certified sustainably-harvested Honduran hardwoods with safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers (for colours and clear coats)
  • Tegu Blocks come packaged in a beautifully-designed box large and rigid enough to store the blocks for many years to come
  • fairtrade manufacturing in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • learn more about Tegu's social & ecologically-minded philosophy here

for a superior storage option, check out the Tegu Felt Travel Tote!