Wild & Free Organics Soy Candle Glass Jar - Truly Canadian

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We don't know about you, but a beautiful candle that smells as amazing as it looks is a pretty wonderful thing. The Wild & Free Organics Soy Candles are made of dermatology-tested, 100% natural soy wax that is both pesticide-free and non GMO. These beautiful hand-poured eco-soy candles are crafted using phthalate-free and paraben-free oils that add a rich scent to your home long after you blow out your candle. Add in the toxin-free wooden wick that crackles like a fire and you will be lit to perfection! What’s more Canadian then maple syrup? Decorated with a genuine maple leaf that is collected and pressed in a story book, enjoy the aroma of sweet, warm maple with this lavish, complex, and long lasting scent.


  • hand poured using dermatology-tested, natural soy wax
  • paraben-free and phthalate-free natural oils for scent
  • ingredients are plant-based, organic, steroid-free, non-GMO and contain zero preservatives
  • wood wicks are 100% natural, non-toxic and clean burning, plus they crackle like a comforting fire!
  • comes in a lovely glass jar and ribboned box that is perfect for gifting