AMP Diapers was started by Annie, mom extraordinaire to seven beautiful children! As a new mom in the 90′s I tried cloth diapers more than once and failed each time. I wanted to use cloth but lacked the support and information I needed to be successful. I first successfully made the switch to cloth in 2003 when my second child was just a tiny newborn. I started out with hand me downs that a friend gave me, I had to repair these diapers on a regular basis because they’d been bleached, the fabric was falling apart and the edges against the baby’s skin were stiff and seemed uncomfortable. I finally bought some new diapers from a department store, I thought this was the perfect solution and I was thrilled. The department store diapers were a disappointment they were not absorbent, they stuck to each other in the wash and didn’t even fit right, so that’s when I got sewing. I came up with many different models of diapers before I came up with some easy to use, easy to wash and comfortable diapers for my baby.

Some friends urged me to make some for them and a company was born. The company grew so quickly it took us a few years for us to catch our breath and realize that we had made something wonderful, something that is better for our planet, for babies and saves parents a lot of money.

I call them Annie Marie Padorie’s (which is what my grandfather used to call me). Since everyone had a hard time remembering the name we shortened the name to AMP. I’m so happy to be able to offer them to other cloth diapering families. I no longer sew all the diapers myself, I now have a wonderful team of men and women that work very hard at making the highest quality products possible. Every AMP diaper is made in our own factory right here in Winnipeg, MB our employees make a fair wage and work in comfortable and safe working conditions. Happy diapering!