The PeapodMats waterproof bedwetting mats are designed for all stages of life and everything in between. At PeapodMats we both had a passion for wanting to help other parents and children through those “oopsie moments” that can happen at any age and at any time. We got to work transforming the perfect hot yoga mat into the perfect multi-purpose mat for ALL ages. 
Our easy to use PeapodMat can be placed on top of bedding and in the event of any accidents you just take the mat throw it in with your daily laundry and dry on regular cycle (no special setting). It’s that simple and easy to use! No crinkle (weird) sounds, no bunching, no bruises on the head and you have time for coffee!
Easy to pack and take it with you on holidays or family sleepovers. Great for protecting strollers, car seats, couches, flooring, anything and everything.