Haley Campbell, the owner and developer of Beluga Baby, lives in Vancouver BC with her husband Ash and her baby girl Sawyer. When she found out she was pregnant with her first child she went through what a lot of new moms go through - a bit of an identity crisis. She was SO excited to become a mother, and was desperately wanting to be able to spend as much time as possible with her new baby. At the same time she knew that eventually she would need to go back to work, not only to make money but also to keep challenging myself professionally. How was she supposed to do both?

She decided to start Beluga Baby. She wanted to sell something that helped new moms. Really helped them. And wanted to do it sustainably with products that are natural and good for your baby. That's how the Beluga Baby Wrap was born. Made from sustainable bamboo fabric, this wrap helps moms (and dads) stay close to their babies while allowing mom (or dad) to be hands free.

The Beluga Baby Wrap is fashionable, comfortable, and above all, does just what it promises - makes you and baby happier and closer.