You're a mother, but you're still you. We're inspired by the journey of motherhood, and the changes it brings. We exist because we understand the needs of mothers. We know that, as important as the role of parent is, sometimes we still need room to be ourselves. That can be a challenge, but Enya Mond is all about expressing that individuality.

Enya Mond's story starts when founder, Naz, had her daughter. After she was born, everything changed for Naz. All of her achievements and focuses in life took a back seat, and the real adventure began. The role of 'mom' hit differently for her. It wasn’t just about the sleepless nights or the endless diaper changes. It was the soul-searching, the self-doubt, and the daily tightrope walk between her past identity and this all-encompassing new role. After years of highs and lows, a desire for every mother finding their way to feel seen and heard came to inspire Enya Mond.

From the beginning, it was never just about creating the perfect bag. It’s always been about the empowerment that comes when you sling that bag over your shoulder, filled not just with baby essentials, but also with confidence. At Enya Mond, we’re crafting more than luxury. We’re creating companions for your journey. However you experience motherhood, Enya Mond is a salute to your individuality and undeniable style.

Because you're a mother, but you're still you.