Welcome to something smarter. Something cooler. Something inspirational. The new way to parent.

It's the Nanit difference: Nanit uses real, personalized data to help families stay informed, connected, and inspired. We believe that your baby monitor should be more than a camera, and that sleep tracking benefits baby - and the entire family.

NANIT SUITE: cameras, accessories, and gear backed by data, science, and cutting-edge technology

NANIT APP: all the data, organized + simplified, into daily summaries to help you take action

NANIT LAB: an ever-evolving source of science, learnings, and support from pediatricians, scientists, engineers, industry experts, and today’s thought leaders

The Nanit Ethos:

  • We believe there's no room for judgment in parenting
  • We believe in science and data-backed solutions
  • We believe in the healing properties of a good night's sleep
  • We believe there's strength in all kinds of numbers - the data kind, the teams of people kind, the hours of sleep kind
  • We believe there's always more to learn