Babies have always been a major part of my life. My first job was as an interpreter and tour guide for American adoption groups in China while I was a first-year English student at a university. I would accompany groups of adoptive parents to orphanages to pick up their children. Following this, I’d bring them to local authorities & consulates to complete their paperwork. Nothing is more beautiful than the outpouring of love & joy on the parents’ faces when they first see their long-awaited babies. That feeling really sticks with you.

What initially planted the seed for the creation of Kyte BABYOne of my daughters has chronic eczema. At night, she would pull open her pajamas to stay cool, which seemed to calm her from constant scratching. I started to research, looking for fabrics that would keep her skin cool, and also wouldn’t irritate her. Turns out, that fabric is bamboo.

Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic. I started putting bamboo clothing and swaddles on her. The softness & coolness of the fabric are unmatched by cotton, or anything else for that matter. She immediately stopped pulling off her clothes, and her sleep significantly improved. I also found out that bamboo is a highly sustainable resource. It requires much less time & water to grow bamboo compared to cotton, and it practically uses no pesticides. It fit every criteria I was looking for in a fabric. With that choice made, Kyte BABY was born. The name Kyte BABY was chosen very purposefully. Playing on the whimsical activity of flying a kite, Kyte is meant to evoke a feeling of innocence, freedom, and a return to nature. All of these ideas carry over into our core business values as well. Kyte BABY is testament to timeless fun and youth, while being natural and healthy.