We wanted to create a bag to help parents spend less time organizing, double checking, and reorganizing. Less time feeling frustrated and weighed down by stuff. And more time simply enjoying our little ones.

Making mom friends–real true friends–can be tough in the early days of having a baby. Luckily co-founders Nell Shapiro and Stephanie Merks joined the same baby music class in their Brooklyn neighbourhood. They bonded over many things as new moms, including their search for the perfect diaper bag.

When Nell decided to bring her own minimal diaper bag vision to life, she knew that brilliant graphic designer and close friend Steph was exactly the partner she needed to bring the beauty and brand of the bag to life.

Open a closet in Kibou HQ, and you’d think it was an offshoot of Mood Fabrics. Full of vegan leather swatches, hundreds of different zippers, waterproof lining and beautifully patterned fabrics, Nell began by sourcing materials herself to understand the ins and outs of quality and design components. When she and Steph joined forces, they knew that each and every material that went into making Kibou would need to check off a few boxes: durable and easy to clean, non-toxic and safe for babies, and beautiful high quality. To that end, they work closely with their factory to review every detail and lab test each component for each and every new product that Kibou creates.