Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Bannister Kit - Locking Strip

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The new elegant design of the Lascal KiddyGuard Avant fits beautifully into both classic and modern homes, keeping your children safe at all times and providing an aesthetically clean, discrete look that keeps your hallways and doorways hazard-free. Easily mounted inside door and stairway openings, or on the wall in front of door or stairway openings, the Avant offers wider coverage (up to 48") and has both automatic and manual operation allowing you to open and pass through using one hand - making the handling of the KiddyGuard Avant that simple!

bannister installation:
bannister installation kit for locking strip (includes 3 mounting brackets) and is required for mounting the KiddyGuard safety gate locking strip on square or round bannisters. The kit is suitable for square banisters ranging from 0.56" x 0.56" to 2" x 2" (14 x 14mm to 50mm x 50mm), or round bannisters ranging from 0.56" to 2" (14mm to 50mm) in diameter.

bannister installation kit - housing (sold separately) is required for mounting the KiddyGuard safety gate housing on a bannister