Mother of Invention Multi-Purpose Cleaner - White Citrus


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The Mother of Invention Multi-Purpose Cleaner is made from all natural, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients AND it actually works! Call it what you like! We made this multi-purpose/universal/multi-surface cleaner with you, your family, and our environment in mind. Ideal for every day cleaning jobs. Made in Canada with a natural white citrus scent from essential oils.


  • eco-friendly
  • made in Canada
  • cruelty-free
  • non-toxic
  • biodegradable

what it does:

  • removes dirt and grime
  • ideal for every day cleaning jobs including aluminium, upholstery, plastics
  • comes in a 500 ml spray bottle

how to use it:

  • ideal for every surface
  • spray on just about all of the places and items you and your family use the most
  • just spray and wipe away with a soft clean cloth
  • this product rinse-free: no need to wipe off excess product from your clean surface

where to use it: counter tops, cabinets, aluminium, plastics, vinyl, woodwork, floors, stoves, fridges/freezers, doors & door knobs, walls, car interiors, stroller frames/wheels, wagons, bikes, diaper pails, high chairs, activity gyms/bouncers

ingredients: plant based ingredients derived from natural sources (including coconut, corn, palm & canola), sodium gluconate, sodium citrate & natural citrus extracts, food-grade colour