It all started back in 2011 when the disposable food pouches were really becoming popular. They were really convenient but they cost so much money and so much plastic was being thrown away. We were sure there had to be a good reusable container to buy for us to serve our own favourite smoothies and purees to our children. To our amazement, we couldn't find anything. We knew exactly what we wanted but it did not exist. We got some paper and a pencil and the initial sketch of the Squeasy Snacker came to life. We started listing all the features our dream feeding container had to have. "Are we really considering making this?", we asked ourselves. "We have to!" was the response. We weren't the only ones that had this "Ah-Ha!" moment. Today you can find several different 
products that try to meet the demand parents have for a good reusable feeding pouch (most of which are made out of all plastic, are hard to fill, leak, or just don't work well). Though it was discouraging to see new products pop up while we were still perfecting the "Squeasy Snacker", none of them met all the requirements we knew parents, like us, wanted for our kids. We took a risk as parent entrepreneurs and poured our entire heart and soul into our idea. Every time one of our three children excitedly asks for their "Squeasy", it makes it all worth it. We hope your family enjoys them as much as we do.