Hunter Boots Rubber Care Kit


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Keep your Hunter Boots looking good as new with the Rubber Boot Care Kit. The kit includes a Rubber Buffer, Boot Shine Sponge and Hunter branded cleaning cloth. The Rubber Buffer has been developed to restore the natural shine to rubber boots, and when used with the cleaning cloth will easily remove white marks known as 'bloom'. Blooming is a common process, and characterizing of high quality natural rubber. Once blooming is removed, the Boot Shine Sponge adds an extra level of radiance to the surface of the boot.


  • 150ml Original Rubber Boot Buffer
  • 150ml Original Rubber Boot Shine
  • Hunter branded cleaning cloth
  • Rubber Buffer: Suitable for matte and gloss styles
  • Rubber Buffer: Excessive use on metallic and Pearlized styles may effect the finish
  • Boot shine: Suitable rubber and leather
  • Boot Shine: Not suitable for nubuck, suede or porous leather

*This item is a final sale.*