One innovative solution for one messy little boy.                               

The story of NumNum begins over breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. Mess after mess as our son, Conor, was learning to self-feed with a spoon. Every meal, more food ended up ON our son than IN him!

Surprisingly, we didn’t find a great solution to the problem. Where are the training wheels of the utensil world, we wondered? That’s when we decided to create the world’s first pre-spoon. Our second baby, the NumNum GOOtensil, was born in spring of 2013. We were proud parents all over again.

We consider Conor a co-inventor of the NumNum GOOtensil. After all, he did all the dirty work of testing prototypes. We hope your child loves our pre-spoon as much as ours has. And we hope it makes mealtime a little easier on you. NumNum, indeed.