Auckland Sheepskins Baby Lambskin Rug - Short Wool


The machine washable Auckland Sheepskins Baby Lambskin Rug is most commonly used in cribs and cots as a resting pad. They are also placed in strollers, carriers, and playards.
Short wool baby sheepskins have extra soft virgin wool trimmed to a length of 1.25" to keep your baby safe and comfortable for a restful sleep all year long.
Lambswool helps to regulate body temperature so that babies can sleep comfortably all year around. Sheepskin wool is a spring coil which allows for constant air flow to keep your baby warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. 
Designed with babies in mind, our sheepskins are tanned and treated chemically-free, without any use of formaldehyde or chromium compounds.
Our short wool baby sheepskins are made from Australian sheepskin pelts. This is because Australian sheepskins have higher wool density. When the wool is sheared to 1.25" this extra thick wool can offer more support and pressure distribution.


  • 100% genuine Australian sheepskin
  • machine washable
  • extra soft virgin wool
  • lambswool sheared to approximately 1.25"
  • dimensions are approximately 2x3 ft (55cm x 85cm)
  • double-sided, baby-grade sheepskin
  • tanned and treated chemical-free
  • all-season use

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