Boo To You 'There's A Bun In There' Greeting Card


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Boo To You was conceived in 2010 by Sarah after many years of creating cards to make her friends and family laugh. More than a card, Boo To You is a reminder to lighten up and laugh in adversity's stupid face. 

Be the hero who lightens the mood in three easy steps: 

1. Spaz privately.

2. Give cards publicly. 

3. Look cool. 

Boo To You cards are created with more wit than wisdom; sometimes brash but always crafted with class. There's something here for everyone.

The 'There's A Bun In There' card is designed and printed in Victoria BC. It is blank inside and features a cute retro stove on the front. I think a ‘shit storm’ is what the kids are calling it these days.