While realizing the vision for Matraea, Kate and Selina identified a lack of access to effective, natural products for moms and babies in their community: essentials needed to support their clients’ pregnancies and births. As a result, they created their own line of organic teas and body care products for mom and baby to deal with some of the challenges of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Matraea products are crafted with intention: from the sourcing,  purpose, and origin of our supply ingredients and materials, to our products’ design, packaging and branding, our mandate is to meet the highest standards for not only safety, health, and sustainability, but also beauty. Women having babies deserve to be cherished and loved, supported by products that nurture not only their babies, but also their own hearts. Every time a mama uses a Matraea product, not only does she say to her baby, but also to herself:  You are Loved.